Polling Place Manager (PPM)

Position Description EL.155

Position details

Position Title: Polling Place Manager (PPM)
Reports to: Returning Officer (RO)
Location: Various polling places throughout the State
Positions reporting: All Election Officials on election day report to the PPM
Hours of Work: Polling Place Manager (PPM) work includes the set up of the polling place on election eve, ready for work on election day from 7.00am until all tasks are completed on election night

Primary Purpose of the Position

A Polling Place Manager (PPM) is employed as the front line manager of a polling place during the election. The PPM's role is vital in the democratic process and the successful delivery of a fair, impartial and professionally conducted election.

Duties include:

  • ensuring the polling place is set up and operational during the hours of voting;
  • managing the conduct of voting and accounting for ballot papers in the polling place;
  • managing the polling place team;
  • supervising staff issuing ordinary and provisional ballot papers;
  • supervising/undertaking categories of declaration voting including election day enrolment votes;
  • answering more detailed voter enquiries;
  • issuing silent elector votes;
  • managing the count of ballot papers at the close of voting;
  • phoning count results to the Returning Officer (RO);
  • completing returns and accounting for used and unused ballot papers and
  • returning ballot papers and associated forms/ materials to the RO's office.

PPMs are required to read their manual, undertake and successfully complete online training and face to face (if applicable) prior to election day.

You must be an enrolled elector to be offered employment as an Election Official.

Key outcomes/accountabilities

  • Complete online training and face to face training (if applicable) to a satisfactory level.
  • Make decisions consistent with the election manuals, directions and instructions. Seek direction from the RO when unsure.
  • Receive and check all election material for their polling place.
  • Set up of the polling place to be completed on the Friday afternoon/evening before election day.
  • Maintain the security of ballot papers and electoral rolls/personal data and information.
  • Manage the polling place including briefing and monitoring staff in their duties, maintaining customer service levels and ballot paper stocks.
  • Brief scrutineers before voting or counting commences.
  • Make vote formality decisions under the scrutiny of scrutineers.
  • Issue votes to silent electors.
  • Conduct the first preference sort and count of ballot papers.
  • Liaison with the Deputy Polling Place Manager (if appointed) with respect to the count of Council group totals and other ballot papers.
  • Phone through results at completion of each ballot paper count to the RO.
  • Package and return election material in accordance with instructions to the RO's Office.
  • Complete all electoral returns and forms accurately and legibly.
  • Dismantle of the polling place set up/materials on election night.
  • Ensure as practically possible, the health, safety and welfare of people in the polling place.
  • Comply with the NSWEC information security guidelines, EEO policies, and an understanding of cultural diversity, ethical conduct and code of practice.

Key challenges

  • All training/manuals will be provided and all procedures therein must be strictly followed.
  • High volume repetitive tasks need to be undertaken with a high degree of accuracy.
  • The correct completion of forms and returns to account for ballot papers, materials and results is critical.
  • Consistent and accurate information to voter and scrutineer enquiries is essential.
  • A secure area is established for ballot papers within the polling place.
  • All election officials uphold the security of ballot papers and electoral materials at all times.
  • Some manual handling tasks involving bending, sorting and lifting are required, with reasonable adjustment to be made if required, after discussion with the RO.
  • Managing large polling places will be challenging, particularly where a diversity of voters is serviced, and the volume of ordinary and provisional votes issued may be large. Well developed organisational skills are required.
  • Establishing a suitable area within the polling place to sort, count, record and pack ballot papers while the polling place is still open to electors.
  • A well supervised team is essential.
  • Tasks are completed to a strict timetable, with a high degree of accuracy and under scrutiny from scrutineers and electors.
  • PPMs may need to respond to many enquiries and delicate issues tactfully and professionally throughout election day.

Selection criteria

You should demonstrate skills and experience in the selection criteria as outlined below. If successful in securing this position, your job performance will be assessed against the following criteria:

1. Customer Service and Communication Skills

Your ability to understand and convey information in a clear, accurate and respectful manner to people of diverse backgrounds.

2. Ability to work in a Team Environment

Your ability to take or give direction, and work co-operatively towards a common goal and deadline.

3. Accuracy in the completion of Administrative and Numerical Tasks within a Time Constraint

Your ability in administrative, clerical and numerical tasks where accuracy and timely completion is important.

4. Supervisory and Time Management Experience

Your ability to bring people and tasks together to successfully complete your work.