Election Official (EO)

Position Description EL.157

Position details

Position Title: Election Official (EO)
Roles on Election Day: EO roles include Ordinary Issuing Officer, Ballot Box Guard and Queue Controller roles
Reports to: Polling Place Manager (PPM) and if required by the PPM to the Deputy Polling Place Manager (DPPM)
Location: Various polling places throughout the State
Hours of Work: EOs work from 7.15am on election day until all tasks are completed on election night

Primary Purpose of the Position

Duties include:

  • marking voters off the Authorised Roll and issuing ordinary ballot papers;
  • completing the account for all ballot papers received and issued;
  • managing voter queue  including the direction of voters to the correct issuing table;
  • guarding ballot boxes  to ensure that voters place ballot papers in the correct ballot box;
  • providing assistance to all voters and recording elector information as required;
  • undertaking the sort and count of ballot papers; and
  • assisting with the packing up of the polling place after close of voting, ie packing/lifting boxes, tables, collapsing voting screens etc.

EOs are required to read their manual and complete any training (if offered) prior to election day

You must be an enrolled elector to be offered employment as an Election Official.

Key challenges

  • All training/manuals will be provided and all procedures therein must be strictly followed.
  • High volume repetitive tasks need to be undertaken with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Maintain the security of ballot papers and electoral rolls/personal data and information.
  • Correct completion of forms and returns to account for ballot papers is critical.
  • Consistent and accurate information to elector enquiries is essential.
  • Some manual handling tasks involving bending, sorting and lifting are required, with reasonable adjustment, if required, after discussion with your Returning Officer.

Selection criteria

You should demonstrate skills and experience in the areas listed below.

1. Customer Service and Communication Skills

Your ability to understand and convey information in a clear, accurate and respectful manner to people of diverse backgrounds.

2. Ability to Work in a Team Environment

Your ability to take or give direction, and work co-operatively towards a common goal and deadline.

3. Accuracy in the Completion of Administrative and Numerical Tasks within a Time Constraint

Your ability in administrative, clerical and numerical tasks where accuracy and timely completion is important.