Voting for the first time?

What do I need to know about voting?

Is your name on the list of voters (the electoral roll)?


You have to vote at:

Federal elections to choose who you want in the national government to make decisions about universities, environment, welfare, immigration, tax, defence...

NSW State elections to choose who you want in the state government to make decisions about schools, transport, roads and traffic, hospitals, housing...

Local government elections to choose who you want in your local council to make decisions about libraries, parks, ovals, swimming pools, local roads, garbage collection...


If you are 18 or over, if you are an Australian citizen, you need to enrol to vote.

You must enrol because that's the law. But also because your vote is your voice and if you don't vote then you can't have a say in how this country is run.

Don't leave it up to other people. Be Heard.

Fill in an enrolment form

Not sure


Once you've enrolled, you just have to turn up to a polling place on election day, get your name marked off and vote.

That's it! Really. It's that simple.

Did you know that in some countries people are fighting for the right to vote? You're lucky you have the right to vote.

It's your responsibility as an Australia citizen to use it!

Voting is quick and easy.

And remember... if you don't vote you don't get to have your say. If you don't vote you will get a fine.