Interstate or Overseas

If you are a NSW elector and going to be outside NSW during a State election you may:

(an electronic vote) using the internet or telephone.

The iVote® system has 3 steps –1.register,, 3.verify (optional)
Register from 2 weeks prior to election day - 1pm EDST election day
Vote from 8am EDST weeks before election day - 6pm EDST election day
Verify both during the election period and after the election for one month after election

Postal Vote

To apply visit here.
Applications Open: 2 weeks before election day
Close: Outside Australia - 6pm EDST Monday before election day
Within Australia - 6pm EDST Wednesday before election day

Completed Ballot Papers must be received by NSW Electoral Commission, by 6pm EDST Wednesday following election day.

Please Note: all dates for elections will be published as soon as they are announced.

iVote® from OVERSEAS

Register and vote on the Internet using iVote® or by telephone on +61 2 9290 5287 (outside Australia). For further information visit iVote®.

NOTE: Australian consulates overseas are no longer voting venues.

iVote® from INTERSTATE

Register and vote using the internet using iVote® or by telephone on 1300 2 iVote (1300 24 86 83).

Please note that interstate electoral offices will no longer issue paper ballots.