2016 Canterbury By-election Results

Canterbury State District By-election
held on 12 November 2016


Electors Enrolled on 23 September 2016: 57,112

Number of Positions Vacant: 1

See Boundary map and polling places.


The results are presented in a series of 3 reports:

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Below is a short explanation of the content of each report:

First Preference Votes

Ballot papers are counted from 6.00pm on election night and up to the close of postal voting at 6.00pm on the Wednesday after election day.

This report will show the following figures updated progressively:

  • Election night 1st preference figures for each polling place
  • Election night 1st preference figures for some, not all, declaration vote categories
  • Sunday 1st preference check count figures
  • Monday to Wednesday final declaration vote 1st preference check count figures

Note: Absent votes are only applicable where 2 or more elections are held on the same day.

Two Candidate Preferred Count

A two candidate preferred count is conducted to give candidates, registered parties and the media an indication of the likely election outcome.

The two candidate preferred count is not the official distribution of preferences, which if required takes place in the Returning Officer's office on the Thursday after election day.

Distribution of Preferences

The distribution of preferences, if required, is conducted to determine who is to be elected.

The distribution of preferences will take place at the Returning Officer’s office on the Thursday morning following election day. Once completed by the Returning Officer, the distribution of preferences file will be updated.


Scrutineers appointed by each candidate are welcome to attend and observe in the polling place or the Returning Officer's office.