NSW Referendums

25 March 1995

A Bill for an Act to prevent Parliament from changing laws about the independence of judges and magistrates without a referendum?  APPROVED
A Bill for an Act to require the Parliament of New South Wales to serve full 4-year terms and to prevent politicians calling early general elections or changing these new constitutional rules without a further referendum?  APPROVED

25 May 1991

A Bill for an Act:
(a) to reduce the number of politicians in the Legislative Council and to reduce their maximum term of office; and
(b) to apply to the Legislative Council the same method of filling casual vacancies as applies to the Senate?  APPROVED

19 September 1981

A Bill for an Act to extend the maximum period between general elections for the Legislative Assembly from 3 years to 4 years.  APPROVED
A Bill for an Act to require Members of Parliament to disclose certain pecuniary interests and other matters.  APPROVED

17 June 1978

Do you approve of the Bill entitled 'A Bill for an Act to provide for the election of members of the Legislative Council directly by the people'.  APPROVED

1 May 1976

At present there is a period commonly called 'daylight saving' by which time is advanced by one hour for the period commencing on the last Sunday in October in each year and ending on the first Sunday in March in the following year. Are you in favour of daylight saving?  APPROVED

29 November 1969

Do you favour the law being amended to permit hotels to trade generally on Sundays between the hours of 12 Noon and 6.30 p.m. ? (Liquor (Referendum) Act 1969).  NEGATIVE

29 April 1967

Are you in favour of the establishment of a new State in north-east New South Wales described in schedule 1 to the New State Referendum Act, 1966?  NEGATIVE

29 April 1961

An Act to Abolish the Legislative Council to provide that another Legislative Council shall not be created, constituted or established nor shall any Chamber, Assembly or House, other than the Legislative Assembly, designed to form part of the Legislative Parliament of New south Wales, be created, constituted or established until a bill for the purpose has been approved by the electors in a referendum to amend the Constitution Act, 1902 and certain other Acts; and for purposes connected therewith.  NEGATIVE

13 November 1954

Closing hours for premises and Clubs licensed under the Liquor Act, 1912.  Approved - 10.00pm closing time

15 February 1947

Closing hours for premises and Clubs licensed under the Liquor Act, 1912.  Approved - 6.00pm closing time

13 May 1933

The Constitution Amendment (Legislative Council) Act.  APPROVED

1 September 1928

Are you in favour of Prohibition with Compensation ? (Liquor (Amendment) Act, 1919).  NEGATIVE

10 June 1916

Time at which licensed premises should close (Liquor Referendum Act, No.10, 1916).  APPROVED - 6.00 p.m. closing time

16 December 1903

Number of Members in the Legislative Assembly (Reduction of Members Referendum Act, No.13, 1903).  APPROVED - 90 Member Legislative Assembly