6 December: Leeton By-election is on this Saturday

8 November: Seven candidates nominate for Leeton by-election

24 October: Sydney State By-election is on this Saturday

19 October: Candidate Seminar for Leeton By-election

11 October: Five candidates nominate for Sydney By-election

18 September: Counting finalised for the 2012 NSW Council elections

10 September: Reports of low turnout and high informality premature

7 September: NSW Council elections tomorrow


31 August: Get ready to vote at the 2012 NSW Council Elections

29 August: Don't miss the post

27 August: It's not too late to enrol and vote

24 August: Extra candidate nomination accepted for Lockhart Shire Council - A Ward

23 August: Electors to vote on referendums and polls

21 August: Thousands to vote before Election Day

20 August: How-to-vote material and election posters

16 August: Heffron State By-election Saturday, 25 August 2012

14 August: Nominations now closed last minute rush for a seat on local councils

10 August: Four candidates nominate for Heffron by-election

7 August: Ballot paper draw for NSW Council elections

3 August: Candidates nominate for NSW council elections

1 August: Electronically assisted voting for the Heffron State By-election

30 July: Nominations open for the NSW Council elections

23 July: Nominations open for Heffron State By-election

23 July: Election offices open for business

16 July: Elector Information Campaign begins today. Electoral Commissioner reminds NSW to enrol.

12 July: Election officials needed in regional NSW

11 July: Braille ballot papers offered to voters

28 June: Election equipment hits the road

26 June: Candidate Information Seminars - July 2012

6 June: MEDIA ADVISORY - 14 Councils to manage their own elections

25 May: Candidate Information Seminars - June 2012

23 May: Get involved in democracy at the NSW Council Elections

26 April: Candidate Information Seminars - May 2012

19 March: Ban on political donations by corporations and other entities affects council elections