Public funding payment decisions now published on this website as they are made throughout the year

Details of all public funding payments to political parties, MPs and candidates are published by the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) as they are made throughout the year. Previously, such detailed reports on public funding payment decisions were only made available after the end of a financial year and were published in our Annual Report.

Public funding of political parties, MPs and candidates in NSW aims to promote political diversity and enable political communication at State elections, assist with the cost of compliance with election laws and compensate for rules limiting political donations.

The NSWEC administers three Funds that reimburse expenditure incurred by eligible parties, candidates and MPs in NSW:

  • The Election Campaigns Fund reimburses certain electoral expenditure incurred by eligible candidates and political parties for State general elections and State by-elections.
  • The Administration Fund reimburses administrative and operating expenditure incurred by eligible political parties and independent members of Parliament.
  • The Policy Development Fund reimburses policy development expenditure incurred by eligible political parties.

Payments to date and future payments are available under Statistics and Reports on this website.

Public funding is not available for local government elections or local government political parties.

Providing up-to-date information on payments made from the three Funds promotes transparency and accountability in the administration of elections in NSW. Information about prior public funding payments is available in our Annual Reports .