Local Councillors

Candidate and Group Registration

If you are a Councillor or Mayor for a local Council and you are seeking re-election, you must understand that you gain additional responsibilities and obligations when you become a 'candidate'.

Groups of candidates (for a Council area or ward) and ungrouped candidates (including mayoral candidates) must be registered with the NSWEC for an election and appoint an Official Agent before:

  • accepting political donations, and
  • making payments for electoral expenditure

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Disclosure period

As a Councillor or Mayor you have an obligation to lodge your annual disclosure of political donations and electoral expenditure for the 12-month period ending 30 June of each year.

Disclosure forms are made available to download from this website from 1 July of each year and must be lodged with the NSWEC by 22 September.

The Elected Member (Local Government Councillor) Disclosure form (FD.694) or the Elected Member (Local Government Councillor) Nil Disclosure form (FD.694A) is to be completed and lodged by your Official Agent.

If you were a candidate in the 12-month period ending 30 June, you will also have an obligation to lodge a Local Government Candidate disclosure form (FD. 693) for the 12-month period. That is, you must lodge two separate disclosure forms, one as a councillor/mayor and one as a candidate.

The official agent of the local Councillor is the person responsible for completing and submitting a councillor's disclosure form. In most cases a local Councillor is their own official agent. The only exception is where a local Councillor has appointed another person as their official agent.

If your Official Agent has died, resigned or you have revoked the agent's appointment, you have an obligation as a candidate to appoint a new agent using the Notification of Revocation/Resignation/Death of an Official Agent or Party Agent form (EF.677).

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