Political Donor Disclosures

General Requirements

A political donor is required to lodge a declaration of disclosures with the NSWEC if a reportable political donation is made by the donor during a financial year.

Disclosure is required following the end of a disclosure period and is due to be lodged with the NSWEC by 20 October each year.

Each disclosure is to cover the period 1 July to 30 June.

The NSWEC produces a disclosure form for political donors to use each year (See Forms). The disclosure form contains a declaration the donor must sign to state all disclosures required to be made have been made.

Political donors are required to disclose reportable political donations made by the donor to a political party (including party membership or affiliation fees), an elected member, a candidate, a group of candidates or a third-party campaigner.

Political donors are not required to disclose political donations made solely for the purpose of:

  • a federal election or a State or local government election outside of NSW; or
  • a federal member of Parliament or a member of a Parliament or a local council outside of NSW.

See How to Disclose.

Political parties, elected members, candidates, groups and third-party campaigners are required to issue political donors with a receipt for reportable political donations made by the donor. The receipt should be used by the donor as a record of the donation to ensure full and accurate disclosure is made.

Documents to accompany disclosures

Political donors are not required to provide any supporting documents with a disclosure. However a political donor may provide with a disclosure a copy of the receipt for the political donation.

As part of a compliance audit the NSWEC may require the donor to provide information about a political donation.