Elected Member Disclosures

General Requirements

The official agent of an elected member is required to lodge a declaration of disclosures with the NSWEC on behalf of the elected member on an annual basis.

The disclosure requirement applies to an elected member each year until such time as there is a financial year where the person is no longer an elected member.

The declaration of disclosures is to be certified by a registered company auditor unless exempt (See Audit Requirements).

Each annual disclosure is to cover the period 1 July to 30 June.

The NSWEC produces a disclosure form for elected members to be used each year (See Forms). The disclosure form contains a declaration the official agent must sign to state all disclosures required to be made have been made.

Elected members are required to disclose:

  • political donations made by the elected member to a political party or to another elected member, candidate, group of candidates or third-party campaigner;
  • political donations received by the elected member from a political party or from another elected member, candidate, group of candidates, third-party campaigner or political donor, and
  • electoral expenditure incurred by the elected member.

See How to Disclose.

Complete and accurate records of political donations and electoral expenditure must be maintained by the official agent of an elected member to ensure full disclosure (See Record Keeping).

Documents to accompany disclosures

The following documents must be provided with the annual disclosure of political donations and electoral expenditure:

  • a copy of each receipt or acknowledgement issued to those who made a reportable political donation to the elected member;
  • a copy of the account or receipt for each item of electoral communication expenditure; and
  • a copy of the advertising or printed electoral material to which the electoral communication expenditure relates.