Campaign Accounts

General requirements

Political parties, elected members, candidates, groups of candidates and third-party campaigners may be required to use a campaign account.

The purpose of a campaign account is to isolate certain income and payments in relation to an election from other income and payments. This means that election campaign finances can be more easily identified when the account is audited by a registered company auditor.

Where a campaign account is not required to be kept a political entity may use another account.

As part of a compliance audit the NSWEC may require a person or entity to provide copies of the bank statements from a campaign account.

Payments from the Election Campaigns Fund made by the NSWEC to eligible parties and candidates are to be paid into the relevant campaign account (See Election Campaigns Fund).

Political Party Accounts
Political parties may be required to keep more than one account for the purposes of separating funds used for State election, and for local government election purposes.

Elected Member, candidate and group Accounts
Elected members, candidates and groups of candidates are required to keep a campaign account for an election period if they accept political donations or incur electoral expenditure over a certain threshold.

Third-party Campaigner Accounts
Third-party campaigners are required to keep a campaign account for an election period when using political donations to make payments for electoral communication expenditure.