Funding and Disclosure

The NSWEC regulates and administers funding and disclosure laws in NSW under the Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act 1981. The laws seek to:

  • prevent corruption and undue influence of political parties and elected officials at State and Local Government elections
  • ensure compliance with election funding, expenditure and disclosure requirements
  • facilitate a fair and transparent election funding, expenditure and disclosure scheme
  • raise public awareness of the requirements for political donations and electoral expenditure
  • effectively administer public funding for elections and the administration of parties and members of Parliament

The NSWEC has investigation powers which may be used to determine whether a breach of the legislation has occurred. Fines and other penalties (including imprisonment) may be imposed on those who do not comply with their funding and disclosure obligations. It is a serious offence to enter into, or carry out, a scheme to circumvent a prohibition or requirement regarding political donations and electoral expenditure.