Non-Residential Roll

Non-residential roll for all councils

As required by the Local Government Act 1993, each council's general manager prepares and certifies the non-residential rolls.  For elections administered by the NSWEC , following the preparation and certification of the general manager's lists for the non-residential rolls, the Electoral Commissioner must confirm that those on the lists are able to be enrolled on the non-residential roll.  For those elections administered by the general manager, the general manager takes the confirming role of the Electoral Commissioner.

Claims for inclusion on the non-residential roll must be made on the prescribed application forms available from council offices or websites prior to a relevant election.

February 2015 changes to the City of Sydney Act 1988 Section 18D now requires the Council of the City of Sydney to establish a Register of non-residential roll electoral information prior to the September 2016 Local Government Elections. Please contact the Council of the City of Sydney to obtain further details of the likely application process to apply to be included on the City of Sydney non-residential rolls.

Non-resident elector responsibility

Non-residential rolls lapse after each Local Government election. Enquiries regarding entitlement to be on the non-residential roll should be directed to the relevant council. Further details are available from the Local Government Act 1993 Section 299

Claimants have responsibility for assessing their own eligibility to make a claim for inclusion in the non-residential rolls for any council/ward. If unsure it is suggested that independent advice is sought prior to lodging a claim. Requirements for making a claim for inclusion in the non-residential rolls include that the claim be signed by the claimant in the presence of an eligible witness.