Why Choose Us?

NSWEC is the statutory authority legally responsible for conducting local and state government elections in NSW. We are accountable under legislation to conduct fair, proper and impartial elections.

NSWEC is in charge of one of the most logistically complex operations in NSW - the NSW State election. NSWEC brings the expertise, resources and experience gathered from conducting State and Local Government elections to offer exceptional election services to NSW clubs at competitive rates.

Club experts
For 20 years, NSWEC has conducted elections for registered clubs in NSW, including the Board of Clubs NSW.

Each year NSWEC conducts club elections ranging from large complex postal vote elections to smaller face to face elections. Our election officers are experts in interpreting complex club regulations and by-laws and are best placed to advise you on a fair and proper election process.

Our current clients enjoy their members’ trust and confidence because of their affiliation with the New South Wales Electoral Commission - the most respected and accountable election provider in NSW. Clients choose to work with NSWEC because we are:

  • Accountable
  • Value for money
  • Impartial
  • Effective
  • Election experts
  • Helpful

It is a fact that no election ever conducted by NSWEC has been challenged.

Contact us today to discuss your club’s election requirements.

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