Organising an election can be a complex matter, which is why many clubs prefer to have NSWEC manage the entire process from start to finish.

We offer a full election service for either postal voting or face to face voting. Our professional and helpful officers are on hand daily throughout the election process to respond to any queries and offer advice.

Our full election service includes:

  • Interpreting club rules & regulations
  • Candidates’ nominations
  • Holding the ballot
  • Design, print & technology
  • Voting
  • Counting
  • Pricing & invoicing

Interpreting club rules & regulations
Using their expertise, our election officers will first review your club by-laws and determine the election process and rules for candidates. This is a critical part of your election process. Done right, this interpretation means a smooth election can proceed and avoids any confusion or challenges down the track. Our officer will also liaise with the Licensing Court to register your election.

Candidates’ nominations
Our election officers will handle all candidate nominations and check for accuracy and verification. They can respond to candidate queries on the election process and club rules.

Holding the ballot
Our independent Returning Officer can be present at your club to draw the ballot of candidates. Having an impartial Returning Officer preside over ballot draws and final count provides your members with confidence and certainty in your election process.

Design, printing & technology
NSWEC has professional design, print and technological resources at its disposal for your club election. We can design your ballot materials using your logo and check for accuracy. Our resourcing covers materials required for both attendance or postal voting, including:

  • printing ballot materials
  • supply of ballot boxes
  • laptop computers for attendance voting
  • mail-out and distribution of ballot material for postal voting

This part of the election process is where experience, impartiality and expertise really count. NSWEC staff will be on hand at your election to set-up for attendance voting, deal with any candidate or voter enquiries and check rolls. If yours is a large election, NSWEC has a large pool of laptops and voting booths to make it easy for a large number of members to vote quickly and without fuss.

At the end of the day, your election is only as good as the accuracy of the final count. NSWEC has vast experience in the complexity of vote counting, be it preferential or first past the post voting. It is a fact that no election conducted by NSWEC has ever been challenged due to an inaccurate count. Having NSWEC staff counting your club members’ votes offers a visible demonstration of your club’s impartiality and transparency.

Pricing & invoicing
NSWEC offers competitive and transparent pricing for its full election service. Our election officers will work with you to formulate a detailed estimate for your election and provide a complete invoice upon satisfactory completion of your election.

Want more information?
Every election is different and NSWEC can customise its services to meet your club’s requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your next election.

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