Once the Writs have been issued for a State election, and commencing on the 40th day before election day for a Local Government election, all electoral material (advertisements, how-to-vote cards, handbills, pamphlets, posters or notices) must include details of the name and full address of the person authorising the printing of the material, and the name of the printer and the full address at which it was printed.

If the electoral material is to be distributed on election day, it must also clearly identify the person, political party, organisation or group on whose behalf the material is to be distributed.

It is acceptable for electoral material not originally including this information to be amended by writing, stamping or overtyping the necessary details.

It is also necessary for any electoral material displayed on electronic billboards, digital road signs and the like to contain visible, legible characters indicating the name and address of the person who has authorised the display.