Electoral Material

The processes for registering and distributing electoral material are largely the same for both State and Local Government elections. Any differences are noted where they occur.

For more detailed information on the registration and distribution of electoral material please refer to the relevant Handbook.

Registered political parties, candidates, groups and other organisations or community groups may distribute electoral material during the course of the election, but any electoral material to be distributed on election day must be registered with the NSWEC in advance. Prior to this time electoral material must however be appropriately authorised.

Posters must be authorised but they do not need to be registered with the NSWEC.

The legislation is quite specific on matters such as the content, size, type and placement of electoral material, and sets out a number of offences for breaches of these requirements.

The NSWEC, including the Returning Officer, has no role in dealing with any complaints regarding electoral material displayed or distributed before the regulated election period, which begins on the 40th day before election day.