Candidates and Parties

Candidates are the people who stand for election and whose names appear on the ballot paper.  Any person enrolled in New South Wales can nominate to be a candidate, provided they are eligible.

The actual nomination process varies slightly, depending whether the candidate is running for the Legislative Assembly, the Legislative Council or for Local Government.

Once nominations have closed, a draw is conducted to determine the order in which candidates' names will appear on the ballot paper.

Political parties, intending to participate in either State or Local Government elections, must be registered for 12 months prior to the close of nominations for a particular election.

Candidates and political parties are entitled to distribute electoral material. During the election period there are also legislative requirements which must be met. In broad terms the same rules apply to registration and distribution of electoral material at both State and Local Government elections.

All candidates have funding and disclosure obligations and should view Political Donation and Electoral Expenditure to ensure they are fully aware of these.

This section is intended to assist candidates and registered political parties (RPPs), who participate in the election, to understand relevant processes and procedures. It is not a substitute for the law.

While the NSWEC will provide information, we do not provide legal advice. If candidates are in doubt about any legal matters regarding the election, they should seek their own independent legal advice.

More detailed information on contesting State and Local Government elections can be found in the relevant Handbook.