Public Interest information

Public Funding

Find out the details of public funding paid to political parties, independent MPs and candidates.

New information about alerts relating to public funding.

Disclosure of electoral finances

View disclosures of political donations received and made, and electoral expenditure incurred by electoral participants.

Find out how well political participants have complied with the disclosure rules?


View details about individuals and companies that are registered to lobby NSW Government officials.


Reporting on the regulation and enforcement of election, election finance and lobbying legislation.

Find detailed information on NSWEC prosecutions and major enforcement actions.

A summary of Compliance Activities of the NSWEC.

Enrolment statistics

Number of voters enrolled in each electorate.

Election statistics

Voter participation in elections.

Election reports

Comprehensive review of all aspects of each election.

Election results

Past election results.

Cost of local government elections

The NSWEC pricing for administering a local Council election.


Register of NSWEC contracts.


Audit of the NSWEC.