Tenders and contracts

The NSWEC is a state government agency listed in Schedule 1 of the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002. When purchasing goods and services, agencies listed in Schedule 1 of the Act are required to:

  • Use the State Contracts Control Board's period contracts, where available, or
  • Comply with the Public Sector Management (Goods and Services) Regulation 2000 when purchasing outside the period contracts.


All opportunities and disclosed tender award outcomes must be advertised on the NSW Government tenders website Government Tenders website.


All contracts the NSWEC enters into with the private sector valued over $150,000 are required to be recorded in the register of government contracts, which is also published on the Government Tenders website.

The details of each contract is required to be entered into the register within 60 days of the contract coming into effect, and must remain on the register for 30 days or until the contract is complete, which ever is longer.