GST Information

NSWEC Registration

The NSWEC is registered for GST. Our Australian Business Number (ABN) for general business is 94 828 824 124.

Information for suppliers

There are 2 different registrations under GST:

  • ABN registration – suppliers need to have an ABN so they can register for GST. Vendors and other entities can register for an ABN even if they do not register for GST.
  • GST registration – the ABN is used as the GST registration number. Entities carrying on an enterprise with an annual turnover of $50,000 or more must register for GST.

Suppliers who do not have an ABN must supply a Statement by a supplier: Reason for not quoting an ABN to an enterprise. This statement is retained by the NSWEC for 5 years.

If a supplier does not quote an ABN and does not provide a statement explaining why, the NSWEC will withhold tax unless the total payment to the supplier is $50 or less.