Interactive Electoral Districts Maps

The first election event to apply the 2013 determined Redistributed Districts was the State General Election in March 2015.

NSW Land and Property Information Spatial Information eXchange (SIX) Electoral Channel

SIX Electoral Channel is a map viewing tool that displays the current and the determined NSW State electoral districts in an easy-to-use map.

It is an interactive map that allows you to search, zoom in and out, query and change the map layers that are displayed.

Before you start - SIX Key tools and tips (PDF 267.7KB) PDF

Electoral districts on Google Maps

Enter your residential address at this site supply information to find out which state electoral district your address is located.  If you are using a mobile device and you wish to know what district you are standing in please allow the mobile internet browser to have access to location services.  If using a desktop ignore that request from the internet browser.